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EWAC PlaSpeed is state of the art High Speed Cutting Trolley capable of cutting using Plasma and Gas Torches. The EWAC PlaSpeed moves on the rails of 1.8 mtr with the help of motorized drive. The features of the EWAC PlaMag are as under.
  • The main body is made of high strength Aluminium alloy produced by Die-casting.
  • The Speed is adjusted by integrated circuit (stepless change). The EWAC PlaMag can be moved forward or backward.
  • The Plasma and Gas Torches can be mounted on the trolley.
  • EWAC PlaSpeed Cutting Trolley has cutting speed of 50 - 4500 mm / min, which is 2- 3 times than the available trolleys.
  • The Trolley can be used for straight cut with high speed.
  • The Standard Track available is 1.8 mtrs and in multiplies of 1.8 mtrs.
Area of Application
  • Ship Building.
  • Oil Production.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Heavy Engineering.
  • MediumEngineering.
  • Pre - Engineering Building Manufacturing.
  • Tower Manufacturing
Technical Data Ewac PlaMag
Cutting Speed 50 - 4550 mm / min
Diameter of Circle Cutting 200 - 2000 mm
Standard Length of Track 1800 mm
Overall DINENSIONS (L x W x H) 470 mm X 230 mm X 240 mm
Weight 12.5 Kgs
Supply Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz.
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