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EWAC PlaMag is state of the art Profile Cutting Machine capable of doing Profile Plasma and Gas Cutting. The EWAC PlaMag moves on the rails of 1.2 mtr with the help of motorized drive. The features of the EWAC PlaMag are as under.
  • The main body is made of high strength Aluminum alloy produced by Die - casting.
  • The Speed is adjusted by integrated circuit (stepless change). The EWAC PlaMag can be moved forward or backward.
  • Various types of Profile can be cut as per the pattern.
  • This machine has roller wheels and clutch which is easy for thecustomer to use.
  • This machine can reduce the cost of production especially for batch producing of components in the same pattern.
Area of Application
  • Ship Building.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Heavy Engineering.
  • Medium Engineering.
  • Pre - Engineering Building Manufacturing.
  • Tower Manufacturing.
Technical Data Ewac PlaMag
Cutting Speed 50 - 750 mm / min
Diameter of Circle Cutting 20 - 600 mm
Length of Line Cutting 1200 mm
Maximum size of Square Cutting 500 - 500 mm
Maximum size of Rectangle Cutting 400 - 900 mm
  450 - 750 mm
Overall DINENSIONS (L x W x H) 1900 mm X 335 mm X 800 mm
Weight 56 Kgs
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