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The laser cutting process uses a strong focused laser beam, produced by a laser diode. The high energetic laser beam heats the surface of the material and melts rapidly a capillary in the material. The diameter of the capillary responds to the diameter of the used laser.

During the cutting process, an assistant gas, usually oxygen, is used to eject the molten material from the kerf. By using oxygen, additional exothermic energy is provided to the material.

As a result, the cut quality and speed are very high compared with other cutting technologies.

Laser radiation
- Coherent
- Monochromatic
- High energy

Laser light can be well focused:
- 50 mm to 0.2 mm

Very high power density (some MW/cm2)
The light melts or partially vaporises the material and an additional gas stream blows it away

Plate thickness: 0.1 mm up to 50 mm
Typical: 0.5 mm up to 20 mm

- High to medium cut quality (roughness)
- Smooth to rough, vertical planes of cut
- Metallurgical perfect surfaces (oxidized) or metallically blank surfaces (high pressure inert gas cutting)
- Low heat input
- High to low cutting speeds
- Hardening within the area of the Heat-Affected-Zone (HAZ) (small)
- Dust as well as UV and IR-radiation

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