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Altis Schneiden

Benefitting from experience: CNC Complete Solutions

Thanks to many years of experience the Eckelmann CNC core contains broad range of functions, continuosly extended based on DIN 66025. The integration of typical technological and geometrical requirement makes a very broad range of applications possile.

The CNC core also supports the most sophisticated multi-channel CNC applitcions with cycle times < 1 msec. PLC functionality is alreadt integrated. The wide range of interfaces meets all requirments for connection of I/O modules and drives.

Eckelmann AG engineers support their customers in the technology - specific design of user interfaces and control units. In this way, proven functionality is combined with user-friendly design.

  • Reverse travel with returning to the contour
  • Interrupts with subroutine processing
  • Block search for starting anywhere on the contour
  • Speed dependent analog output for power control
  • Transformation (5/6 axis) for different kniematics
  • 3D Axis correction
  • Path dependent switching functions
  • Technology specific functions


Numerous machine manufacturers and users from widely varying fields of application (grinding, cutting, handling, profile processing, forming, etc.) place their trust in the proven abilities of Eckelmann CNC.

Eckelmann offers the E0CUT all-inclusive package "CNC for cutting" as the state of the art solution for these industries. Both the respective HMI module and the NC and PLC operating system offer numeour functions which are adapted to the typical requirments for cutting with the widest possible variety of cutting tools.

Optional: Internal Ignition, Integrated Height Control, PRESFLOW* Auto Gas Control.

The ALTIS SCHNEIDEN range of cutting systems offers:

  • Right price for the right feature
  • No hidden costs, complete transparency
  • Open and Market friendly policy, no policing
  • 2 years warranty
  • Online Sales
  • State of art technology, German engineering and support.
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