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Surface Treatment Chemicals

     Surface Treatment Chemicals


Description: Aqua Spatt is a water based eco friendly anti spatter liquid having anti rust properties. It is free from silicones and does not interfere with welding quality. Being water based product it can be easily cleaned. It is suitable for both ferrous and non ferrous metals. It prevents sticking of hot spatter to areas near the welding line.

Aqua Spatt: Ensures easy removal of spatter, saves chiseling and grinding cost, reduces lot of man-hours and assures precision welding. It is a nonflammable product and can be used safely in confined places.

Application: AQUA SPATT is eco friendly water based anti spatter liquid. It eliminates metal spatter build up in MIG/TIG tips and nozzles of CO2 welding equipment.It minimizes electrode fusion to contact tip under high voltage conditions. It is suitable for manual and robotic welding operations.

Direction of Use: AQUA SPATT is used as 25-75% solution in water. Clean the surface and apply uniformly with the help of brush, spray before welding process.

Packing: 5, 20 and 50 Ltr. HDPE containers.


Description: An highly stable pickling paste for removal of oxide layer formed on stainless steel after welding. Iy emitts less nitrous oxide fumes during the use of pickling paste. It has appropirate thickness to prevent the splash risk or spread over undesired area. P-2 gives desired surface properties to stainless steel with normal passivation layer with proper chromium content.

Application Areas: P-2 an advanced pickling gel for removal of oxide and carbon from welding region of stainless steel. It restores the normal finish of surface with excellent passivation of stainless steel welding operations.

Benefits at a Galance: Excellent Surface Finish, Fast Reactivity, Non-Drip Formulation and Biodegradable.

Caution: Avoid contact with skin. Incase of accidental splash wash with soap and water and seek doctor advise.

Direction of Use: Apply by brush on the area to be treated. Allow it to react for one hour. Rinse off with water.

Other Grades: Grade-2 Pickling Gel for application by spray. Grade-3 Pickling solution for dip application.

Packing: 1, 5, 20 KG Plastic containers.


Description: T-COOL is a product designed for cooling of welding torches, cooling of induction furnaces, cooling of tack welding systems plasma flares, air conditioning.

Application Areas: T-COOL is a highly efficient heat carrier medium. It contains multi metal corrosion inhibitors for a safe use into all types of circuits. Its thermal stability and dielectric properties make a cooling liquid especially suitable for "high tech" systems.

Benefits at a Galance: Anti-freezing protection down to -27°ree;C, High electrical resistivity, Non volatile (no product losses), Non Flammable, Chemically stable, does not polymerize, Anti-algae growth, non-toxic.

Caution: Before use, carefully read and understand the safety datasheet.

Direction of Use: T-COOL is supplied as ready or use (RFU) solution.

Packing: 5, 20 and 50 Ltr. HDPE containers.


Description: SPAG-45 is a biodegradable, non staining, odorless, non-toxic anti-spatter gel to prevent the sticking of metal spatters. It protects costly MIG welding tips by preventing spatter build-up during welding operations. It does not interfere with post-decorative operations like painting, labeling, etc. It minizes electrode fusion to contact tips under high-voltage conditions up to 45 amps. It is free from silicones, PTFE and other such hydrocarbon based products.

Application Areas: SPAG-45 is specially developed for rootic welding operations. It can be safely used for manual MIG welding operations to elimiate post welding time consuming labout intesive operations like chipping and grinding. Just dipping the nozzle once into SPAG-45 prevents adhesion of weld spatter for several hours. It also acts as an anti-seize compound to prevent the seizure of nozzle threads.

Benefits at a Galance: User and Robot Friendly, Long-term protection, Silicone & PTFE free, Non-Toxic & Non Staining, Extends Nozzle Life, Improved Welding Quality, Extremely Low Fumes.

Direction of Use: Allow to dip the hot welding nozzle in SPAG-45 gel. Life the nozzle and let the excess gel melt out into the container.

Packing: 400 GMS. Plastic containers.


Description: PROSPATT is a complex formulation of anti adhesive and anti spatter materials suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It prevents sticking of hot spatter to areas near the welding line. PROSPATT ensures easy removal of spatter, saves chiselling and fgrinding coast, reduces lot of man-hours and assures precision welding. It does not affect welding quality. It is a non-flammable product and can be used safely in confined places.

Application Areas: PROSPATT eliminates build up in MIG/TIG type and nozzles of CO2 wleding equipment. It minimizes electrode fusion of the contact tip under high voltage conditions.

Benefits at a Galance: Non-flammable, Propelled with CO2, High Surface Coverage, User Friendly, Good Anti-Spatter Properties, No Interference with Post-Decorations.

Direction of Use: Clean the surface and apply uniformly. Spray on the nozzle of torch gun also. Shake well before use.

Packing: 550 ml Aerosol Cane.

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