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Tungsten - Electrodes.

  Standard Electrodes

Welding high-quality materials represents a challenge to the experienced welder and to welding technology. The fulfillment of quality requirements depends on the precise matching of material, manufacturing and design parameters.

The safety of the structural component itself depends on a high weld quality and reproducible welding parameters. he choice of the right electrode plays a decisive role in determining the form of the arc during TIG and plasma welding.

Consistency of striking, arc stability, low electrode consumption and thus the quality of the welding process depend to a large extent on this choice. Only the TIG welder with his experience and expert knowledge can make the right choice.

The choice is yours

Our range of products covers all internationally standardised tungsten electrodes in respect of chemical composition and dimensions.

Apart from these standardised TIG electrodes we can also supply our own developments with their high-grade welding properties, as i.e. the WITSTARŪ.

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